22 Jul Understanding the ACA: Are You Ready?

New requirements under the Affordable Care Act

The recent ACA wellness regulations require that reasonable alternatives must be given to all health-contingent, outcomes-based wellness incentive program participants. In addition, employers must also provide tools and resources in order to help participants achieve plan goals within these outcomes-based wellness programs. Are you prepared for these requirements? Bravo is here to help.

Reasonable Alternatives – The majority of reasonable alternative requirements can be fulfilled by implementing an already existing Bravo Wellness process, such as progress goals. Or you may choose to use health programs (such as smoking cessation courses) for participants to engage in to still meet the goal. Bravo can strategically assist in determining which alternatives would be best for your culture and organization. Ask your Client Account Manager or sales representative for more information.

Health Improvement Tools – You may choose to utilize free resources from organizations like the American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health, or the Centers for Disease Control. These are great programs that with self-disciple can impact a participant’s health. But if you are considering programs that can impact behavior and lead to positive long-lasting change, consider incorporating one of Bravo’s recommended health improvement providers.

Bravo’s collaboration with Mayo Clinic, QuitLogix, Strategic Health Services and others, can help you prepare for these requirements. These proven programs can make a world of difference for your participants as they take personal accountability for their health. Bringing these programs into your wellness strategy will have a rippling effect for years to come.