Wellness Engagement Guide

Empower employees and wellness champions with health-focused educational content.

Each month every client receives our wellness engagement guide, equipped with practical takeaways and resources for creating top-down leadership support, building a wellness champion network and participant-ready, health-focused educational content. Each month focuses on a different wellness theme, like nutrition, exercise, habit change, or stress. The guide is updated annually with new information from wellness experts and physicians.

This Month's focus: Habit Change

The key to improving any aspect of wellness is surprisingly simple: change your habits. Use this month to focus on the challenges of habit change and encourage your team to discuss what’s holding them back, what they’ve accomplished, and what new habits they’ve been hoping to adopt.

Supporting people through the challenging process of changing their habits isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve created these monthly engagement guides for you—just a little support to keep your wellness resources and activities going strong year-round, no matter what.


Wellness Article

DASH Diet: Healthy Eating to Lower Your Blood Pressure


Full Color Poster (11" x 17")

Tobacco: the rude guest.


Recipe of the Month

Easy Breakfast Yogurt Parfait


Wellness Article

Easy Ways to Make Exercise a Habit


Full Color Poster (11" x 17")

The original energy drink.

Conversation Starters

4 Steps to Changing an Unhealthy Habit
  1. Discover the root: Reflect on why you turn to your unhealthy habits. Is it comfort, distraction or stress relief?
  2. Choose a healthy substitute: Based on your answer to the above, determine a healthy habit that can fulfill the same needs and make sure it will be convenient for you to add to your routine. It may take some time to find the right outlet for you.
  3. Pay attention to your routines: If your unhealthy habits are linked to specific settings or activities, you may need to avoid those situations until your new habits are more established.
  4. Be firm but kind: Changing habits takes hard work but being too hard on yourself can just lead to failure. Be patient with your progress and be proud of your small successes, rather than beating yourself up about every setback.

Feel free to share all of these tips at once or periodically over the course of the month, in any format that works well for your team. Try experimenting with different formats. Make sure to use your conversation starters for their intended purpose – starting conversations. Ask coworkers to share their experiences with this month’s theme, and then really listen to their answers. Asking if anyone has tried the tips below or if they have additional tips to share is a great starting place. Let employees’ experiences, concerns and successes guide the conversation.

Engagement Activity

Organize a water challenge in the workplace. To participate, employees challenge themselves to build the habit of drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day for the length of the challenge.

  • Pass out a printed calendar for employees to track how many glasses of water they drink a day.
  • Offer a nice water bottle as a prize for employees who successfully drink 62 oz. of water a day for the length of the challenge.
  • Consider providing fruit-infused water for a fun treat.

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