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Estimate Your Wellness Investment

It's time to fight back against annual increases in healthcare costs. Are you ready?


Stop the hidden pay cut!

Annual increases in healthcare premiums have become an accepted part of our American health benefits strategy, but is it really the only option? For many companies, wellness programs themselves are on the chopping block in order to cover cost increases.

There is a better way.

A thoughtful wellness program can not only pay for itself but also serve as a powerful strategy to protect you and your employees against annual cost increases. Your first line of defense against rising costs should be a wellness program powerful enough to decrease costs.

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Build value back into employee benefits.

We’ll show you how to fund well-being initiatives and benefits that both employees and your budget will love.


A financial model that will excite even your CFO.

Our tool gives you a crystal-clear view of how to address modifiable health risks and drive down the long-term claims trend. The flexible financial model we create is a tool you can use to get your C-Suite on board.


Accurate, data-driven planning from day one.

Our clients use this tool each year to guide their program budgeting. To date, we’ve reported 95% accuracy in calculating program costs and wellness investments.


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