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Wellness Program Communications

Engage employees in your wellness program with an inspiring communications campaign.

Market your wellness program effectively.

Health is a deeply personal topic. In the workplace, it needs to be addressed in an honest, direct and empathetic way. Our employee web portal, mobile app and communications campaigns drive wellness program participation by removing the taboos around discussing health and provide the tools and support necessary for individuals to feel encouraged to take their first step. 

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A range of communications packages to fit your needs.

We offer several communications packages to meet your needs, complete with a timeline for delivery and recommended distribution methods. Your dedicated Account Executive will help you select the correct package based on your organization’s size, culture, environment, goals and budget.

Regardless of the package you choose, the communications you receive as a Bravo client are customized to your plan design and include access to our monthly wellness engagement guide to empower your wellness champions and keep wellness top of mind in your culture.

Each communications package is organized into three phases for easy deployment:

Introduction to Your Program

The introduction of your wellness plan is a critical piece in your program’s success. We focus on explaining and defining what wellness means within the context of your specific plan design. A combination of print and digital formats clearly communicates necessary details of the program.

Sense of Urgency

The sense of urgency phase puts time-bound focus around critical program details and inspires employees to take action. It’s during this time that key dates for milestones like registration and screenings are emphasized across communications. We make sure your population knows how and when to complete the steps required to earn the incentive.


The results phase creates a moment for celebration and an opportunity for positive change, clearly outlining alternative ways to earn the incentive and empowering participants to take their wellness a step further with year-round challenges, educational content and coaching.


Bravo’s communications are designed to create a personalized participant experience and build a culture of wellness by reaching individuals through a variety of touchpoints.



Introduce the wellness program with mailers to your employees’ homes to drive engagement and increase personal accountability.



Reach your employees where they are. Place communications in common areas like bathrooms, break rooms and entrances to catch their eye and relay key program details.



Emails and the engagement portal keep the wellness program and important messages top-of-mind for participants, even when they’re on the go.



Bravo empowers managers to hand-deliver program information to participants. This creates a natural relationship-building moment and helps connect your wellness initiatives to the rest of your culture.

Create a personalized wellness experience for every employee. Learn More