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Comprehensive Employee Wellness Programs

Bravo designs and administers a range of configurable and clinically-backed employee wellness programs for employers, insurance brokers and health insurance carriers nationwide.

Designing Your Custom Wellness Program

With consideration of your short- and long-term goals, we customize a multi-year wellness program and cultural improvement strategy to meet your unique needs. Every Bravo plan is focused on best-in-class reporting and measurable ROI.

We ensure your program includes the right blend of the following elements to maximize its effectiveness:



We help you define the vision for what your wellness program can achieve and design a multi-year plan to help you get there.


Drive year-round participation and engagement in your program through extrinsic and intrinsic motivators.


Improve participant health awareness and close gaps in care through annual biometric health screenings and health risk assessments.


Our wide range of health coaching offerings are key to supporting and empowering behavior change.


Ensure ongoing success by shifting your population’s mindset toward wellness.


Bravo’s reporting tells the story of how your program is impacting health risks within your population.

Results- and ROI-Driven Wellness

Bravo designs programs that help employers maintain competitive benefits by controlling long-term healthcare cost trends. Our best practice program designs address the root cause of rising healthcare costs by focusing on health risk prevention and reduction.


Flat PEPY claims costs over five years, resulting in $57.6 million in cost avoidance over the industry trend.

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Medical plan trend has averaged -1.02% from 2012-2016 compared with the market trend of 10.5%.*

*Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey, 2015

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After three years, the wellness program paid for itself and additional benefits like tobacco cessation and weight management programs and free generics for long-term medications.

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73.7% of employees with multiple health risks have improved over five years and 30% are no longer obese.

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Unparalleled guidance and administration that removes the burden from your HR and benefits team.

We are the engine behind our clients’ HR and benefits teams, anticipating and taking care of the details (big and small). Our clients have one central account contact, backed by the full support of Bravo’s in-house implementation, compliance, screenings management, data and analytics, call center and communications teams.



Our goal is to remove the work from your team’s shoulders. That’s why we have a team dedicated to keeping your program on track. We provide a clear timeline with milestones and regular calls for status updates, proactive escalation of issues with solutions, and insights to help you make better-informed decisions.



Our compliance team reviews every plan design and provides regular updates and training to clients regarding the latest from Washington. Bravo’s compliance team watches for changes to the ACA, rulings from courts, regulatory changes from the EEOC, ADA, GINA and ERISA, and even state laws to keep you protected.



We partner with top vendors in the industry and employ a team to manage the details every step of the way. Whether you have multiple locations for on-site events, send employees to their own providers, or utilize local clinics, we can accommodate your needs and guide you through the process.


Data & Analytics

Crystal clear reporting of aggregated claims and biometric data, plus the ability to create custom views and cuts of data separates our reporting package from others in the industry. With Bravo, you don’t just get data—you get distilled insights that help you improve decision making and your organization’s wellness strategy.


Bilingual Call Center

Participants have unlimited access to an in-house bilingual call center. Our team assists individuals with questions regarding registration, screenings, biometric results and the appeals process.



Marketing your program effectively is critical to helping your employees engage in their personal wellness journey. Bravo’s in-house communications department customizes digital and print assets as part of a comprehensive campaign to optimize the participant experience and and also offers custom campaigns.

Let Bravo help you reach your wellness goals today. Get Started