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This is What We Do

Bravo offers configurable and results-driven employee wellness programs that evolve to meet your population’s needs over time.

Bravo’s Proven Process


1. Vision

We specialize in programs that inspire personal improvement, reduce healthcare costs, and attract and retain top talent. Our first step is to build a clear vision for how your culture will achieve a balanced measure of those three goals.

Bravo works with you to explore the unique needs of your organization and to help you create an inspiring vision of what could be possible with the right wellness program.

2. Configurable Program

We build your program around four key areas of an effective well-being plan.


Drive the highest participation possible through financial and intrinsic motivators.

  • Continuum of incentive designs
  • Personalized improvement goals
  • Flexible reimbursement options (premium, HSA, HRA, exchange, reward card, etc.)
  • Year-round wellness and well-being activities
  • Comprehensive communications strategy

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Harness crystal clear awareness of health for participants coupled with aggregate data analysis for your HR/benefits team.

  • Nationwide screening network
  • Health risk assessment
  • Claims analytics
  • Client admin dashboard
  • Annual health and financial analysis
  • Results and resources review

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Make behavior change easier with personalized coaching, support and flexible online tools for your entire population.

  • Online health university
  • Unlimited inbound health coaching
  • Outbound health coaching
  • High-risk/chronic care coaching
  • Tobacco cessation coaching
  • Financial wellness

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Action Planarrow-magenta

Ensure success by setting a detailed plan for your corporate culture to proactively support your people.

  • Team challenges
  • Wellness committee training
  • Sustainable strategy for reinvesting program savings toward employee benefits
  • Data reporting structure to measure and encourage progress

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3. Operational Tenacity

Wellness isn't magic; it's hard work.

Program Setup

We offer unique program designs for different subgroups within your population. Whether for employees and spouses, drivers and office workers, or clinical and non-clinical staff, Bravo can set up the plan to respond to your needs from day one.

Program Deliver

Consistent, confidential and secure execution ensures reliable data and empowers HR/benefits teams by shouldering the details of the wellness plan.


Personalized consulting and configurable reporting provides an in-depth view of risk migration by risk category, demographic and location.

4. Revisit Your Vision

Make data-driven decisions to adjust the program and get closer to the goals in your vision.

Bravo's data analytics team provides you with proactive updates as well as a detailed annual review. We use a range of metrics to create a comprehensive picture of employee health risks and how well your program is managing them. 

Let Bravo help you reach your wellness goals today. Get Started