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Create a culture of well-being.

Ensure ongoing success by shifting your population’s mindset toward wellness.

Follow your personalized roadmap.

To create sustainable changes, it is vital to understand how your cultural behaviors and company policies impact wellness success. Your wellness program should be a well-guided investment to improve the health of individuals, create a game-changing work environment, and produce measurable value. A Workplace Wellness Assessment executed by the wellness experts at Cleveland Clinic can help you determine the next steps on your organization’s wellness journey by thoroughly evaluating your people, environment, policies, culture and goals.


Our Workplace Wellness Assessment report includes a multi-year plan, complete with a comprehensive program and incentive design to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Healthier cultures start here.

Cultural change doesn't happen easily, which is why the guidance from Workplace Wellness Assessment from Cleveland Clinic and Bravo is so valuable. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll receive a report includes recommendations for cultural and environmental improvements, engagement strategy ideas, program strategy and evidence-based interventions.

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Include spouses for higher participation and better results.

Healthy habits start at home. Excluding spouses from your wellness initiatives may result in short-term savings but will have long-term consequences to your program’s performance. Research shows that when spouses participate in the wellness program, employee participation rates are twice as high, there is increased participation in wellness interventions like tobacco cessation and lifestyle coaching, and preventable claims costs are reduced.*

*HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer


The health behaviors of those closest to us have a significant impact on our own health habits. Include spouses in your wellness program for greater employee buy-in and support.

Encourage personal growth with online wellness challenges.

Turn health education into an opportunity to spark year-round engagement and foster relationships between employees. Bravo's individual and group challenges focus on holistic well-being and span several dimensions of wellness, including activity, nutrition, stress and finance.


Offer online challenges throughout the year to engage employees in a fun way while building a culture of wellness.

Create a sustainable wellness program and stronger employee benefits.

Costs often stand in the way of employers who want to include spouses or wellness champions in their programs. What many don’t realize is that the wellness program itself can be a funding source for benefits like these, with no need to expand the budget. Complete a free financial analysis and plan modeler and receive a five-year savings forecast, a clear summary of your annual wellness investment (including incentives), and a sustainable plan for keeping your benefits competitive.

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A thoughtful wellness program can not only pay for itself but also serve as a powerful strategy to protect you and your employees against annual cost increases.

Build an army of well-being champions.

To create a culture of wellness, you’ll need leaders at all levels of the organization. Seek out employees who are engaged in your wellness program and passionate about good health, then give them the tools to positively impact company culture. Wellness champions across your organization will help normalize healthy behaviors, start conversations about wellness, and inspire others to follow their lead.

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