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Create a culture of well-being.

Ensure success by setting and executing a detailed action plan to proactively support your people.

Build well-being into the structure of your company's day-to-day.

From day one, your dedicated Bravo account executive will work with you to build and execute a plan to align the whole company towards the vision of your wellness plan. For workplace health promotion programs to be effective they need to be integrated into the informal culture and cadence of every day, not just a part of the official corporate policies. Building visibility to your leadership team's commitment to wellness, developing custom communications campaigns, tying your program into your community outreach programs or publicly supporting your wellness committee by giving them the authority to direct employee re-investment dollars are just a handful of ways Bravo has guided employers to build opportunity for well-being into the day-to-day.

We will work hand-in-hand with your team to identify unhealthy practices and shift formal and informal policies and procedures so that healthier practices and norms can take root in your culture.



Consider the multiple dimensions of health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. How can you adjust formal and informal policies and practices to support well-being?

“We tried things for years to encourage more healthy behaviors, but saw awful results. Bravo works! The proof is in the results.”

Heath Ritenour, Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Office of America

Encourage personal growth with individual and group challenges.

Spark year-round engagement and foster relationships between employees while focusing on improving health. Bravo's individual and group challenges focus on holistic well-being and span several dimensions of health, including activity, nutrition, stress and finance.

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Consider offering online challenges throughout the year to engage employees in a fun way while still focusing on improving health.

Build an army of well-being champions.

Seek out employees who are engaged in your wellness program and are passionate about good health and give them the necessary tools to empower them to positively impact company culture. Wellness champions across your organization will help reinforce healthy behaviors, create positive role models for health and well-being and inspire others to change.


To create a culture of wellness, you’ll need leaders at all levels of the organization.


How to Create a Culture of Wellness

Want to see real results from a wellness program that employees appreciate? Watch this webinar to learn how you can take purposeful action to improve your culture and benefit from a physically healthy, mentally strong and resilient workforce.

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Reinvest program savings toward employee benefits.

Many HR and benefits teams find it hard, or nearly impossible to fund the type of wellness programs they know their employees will value. Bravo designs well-being programs that can holistically pay for themselves, and generate additional dollars for HR teams to reinvest back into their people (like healthier food options in the cafeteria, on-site health coaching, or subsidies for gym memberships) all while measurably reducing health risks and claims trends.

Sustainably fund benefits with a strategic plan design that inspires personal improvement:

  • Personal health coaching
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Weight Watchers®
  • Office environments that empower wellness (standing desks, on-site fitness centers, etc.)
  • Wellness committee budgets

Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every $1 spent on wellness programs. Absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every $1 spent.1

1Health Affairs Vol. 29, No. 2

“Bravo understands our business and they helped make our wellness program a strategic investment in our employees.”

Neil Hemphill, EVP of HR/Administration, Ardent Health Services

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Measure and encourage progress.

Crystal clear reporting of aggregated claims and biometric data, plus the ability to create custom view and cuts of data separates our reporting package from others in the industry. With Bravo, you don't just get data. You get the analysis and insights that can help you improve your organization's action plan for wellness and well-being.


We use crystal clear data and financial analysis to help your program stay on track and adjust your program as needed.


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