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Educate & understand your population.

Harness crystal clear awareness of health risks for participants coupled with aggregate data analysis for your HR/benefits team.

Simple and Responsive Biometric Screening Solutions

Preventative health screenings help individuals understand their current health and potential risks, but all screening solutions are not the same. One-size-fits-all screening strategies can cause a lot of headaches and extra work for your people, especially if they can't address the unique needs of your population. Bravo specializes in custom designed screening solutions that respond to the particular requirements of your organizational structure and industry.

Transportation: Mapping screening locations that have parking lots large enough for big rigs.
Healthcare: Building compliant screening solutions for hospitals to use their own internal screening capabilities.
Food Processing: Scheduling screening dates and times to account for minimal impact to production, while still accounting for time for donning and doffing.
Industrial Manufacturing: Providing year-round options to efficiently onboard new hires mid-program.


Our in-house team manages the process to ensure all screening events are communicated clearly and run smoothly, whether they are in an on-site, in-home, clinical or provider setting.

Online Health Assessment 

Powered by Wellsource

Help your population understand their health status and risks with an evidence-based lifestyle health assessment. The interactive and intuitive design uses logic to adjust content with each successive response, allowing the individual only to see the questions that are relevant to them.

Upon completion of the assessment, the participant instantly receives a Personal Report, which describes any risks plus the impact each risk factor has on the individual's health. Participants also receive an overall wellness score and Physician Summary Report, which is a drilled-down version of the Personal Report that can be easily printed and taken to a medical appointment.


The Personal Report enables a participant to see how healthy they are plus highlights areas of success and areas for improvement. It also explains simple ways that healthy habits can be incorporated into their routine.


individuals discovered they had a critical value in need of immediate attention through the screening.

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Claims Analytics

Are you aware of how prescription and medical claims relate to the aggregate health risks within your population? Do you have the ability to compare claims from wellness program participants vs. non-participants? Bravo’s data analytics team can look at your claims data in relation to your wellness program data to uncover hidden trends and offer clear insights into the impact of your wellness program and how to make data-driven adjustments.


Let your data work for you.
With claims analytics from Bravo, you can take a more proactive approach by targeting potential future health claims and risks.

"The reporting package that Bravo provides to its customers is the best I’ve ever seen in the industry, bar none. The reports really provide meaningful, useful and compelling information that can be acted upon in an effective way."

John Harris, Industry Leader

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Participant Results and Resources Review

Ensuring your people understand what their screening results mean is a critical component of a successful wellness program. Bravo participants can talk with a trained health coach over the phone to review the results from their screening, what those measures mean for their health, the resources within the wellness program, and the applicable benefits in the broader health plan that can help them take the next step on their well-being journey.


Encourage participants to schedule a consultation with a health coach to help them understand their numbers and walk through all available health plan resources.

Help participants get informed, get started and get results.

Print and digital communications will help your participants understand how to register, how to earn the max value of incentives and keep well-being top of mind in your culture.

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Real-Time Performance Analysis & Annual Health & Financial Review

Annual Report

Every Bravo program includes an in-depth, aggregate analysis of the program’s performance and tailored consulting to help your team respond to trends in the data. Far beyond just providing actionable data, our reports capture and illustrate migrations in health risks, risk trends by category, risk trends by number of risks and demographic risk trends.

Participant Portal

Our participant portal is a hub for all the information and resources related to your wellness program. When participants log in, they can:

  • Access program-specific communications.
  • Sign up for text and email reminders about important program information and events.
  • Schedule a screening or complete a health assessment.
  • View program goals and incentives, and track improvement, appeals, alternatives and earned discounts.

Client Admin Dashboard

Real-time aggregate data from our Client Admin Dashboard provides HR teams with a clear view into the performance of the wellness program (participation rates, number of scheduled screening and coaching appointments, etc.) and the ability to communicate with participants to better engage your population.


Ongoing Support
We proactively monitor key measures of your plan to anticipate issues and ensure success. While we provide each client with real-time access to data via our admin portal, we keep a pulse on your plan’s performance and notify your team when anything important surfaces.

Areas we report on:

Major highlights and accomplishments | Migration of risks within the cohort vs. total population | High risk prevalence and trends | Financial analysis of incentives earned and unearned | Comparison of health risks by work location, male/female, employee/spouse | Responsive strategy recommendations

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