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Educate your population.

Improve participant health awareness and close gaps in care through annual biometric health screenings and health risk assessments.

Primary Care Provider Screenings

Only 25% of US adults aged 50-64 are up-to-date on all prevention recommendations.

Through annual screenings and health risk assessments, we’re working to change that. Clients have the option to allow participants to screen with their primary care provider and to reward participants for completing an annual physical or preventive screening.

Even for clients who only offer on-site screenings, Bravo’s appeals process is designed to get participants talking with their doctors. When a participant doesn’t meet a screening goal, Bravo’s appeal process allows them to work with their doctor to set a more achievable goal.

Having a primary care relationship is directly linked to higher engagement in preventive care and seeking treatment earlier if an issue is identified. Both help reduce long-term claims and avoid short-term claims.

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Biometric screening with a primary care provider can alert individuals to risk factors that may detect disease early.

Prioritizing Primary Care

A key part of the our best practice program is attending a primary care physician appointment and ensuring immunizations and preventive exams are fulfilled, based on age, gender and family history.

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On-Site Biometric Health Screenings

Preventive health screenings help individuals understand their current health and potential risks, but all screening solutions are not the same. One-size-fits-all screening strategies can cause a lot of headaches and extra work for your people, especially if they can't address the unique needs of your population. Bravo specializes in custom screening solutions that respond to the particular requirements of your organizational structure and industry.

Transportation: Mapping screening locations that have parking lots large enough for big rigs.
Healthcare: Building compliant screening solutions so hospitals can use their own internal screening capabilities.
Food Processing: Scheduling screening dates and times to allow minimal impact to production, accounting for time for donning and doffing.
Industrial Manufacturing: Providing year-round options to efficiently onboard new hires mid-program.


Our in-house team manages the process to ensure all screening events are communicated clearly and run smoothly, whether they are in an on-site, in-home, clinical or provider setting.

Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Bravo’s online HRA allows participants to discover their health age and educates them about the dangers of certain lifestyle choices. The interactive and intuitive design uses logic to adjust content with each successive response, allowing the individual to only see the questions that are relevant to them. Upon completion, the participant instantly receives an overall wellness score, a physician summary report (which can be easily printed and taken to a medical appointment) and a personal report, which describes any risks and the impact each risk factor has on the individual's health.


Help your population understand their health status and risks with an evidence-based lifestyle health assessment.

Help participants get informed, get started and get results.

Print and digital communications will help your participants understand how to participate and how to earn the maximum incentive, while keeping well-being top of mind in your culture.

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