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Offer support to empower achievement.

Our personalized coaching methods are key to empowering behavior change in your team.

Online Health University

Permanently eliminate the root cause of unwanted behaviors that lead to health issues in just a few weeks.

Our programs contain a unique structured cognitive behavioral training designed to break down self-defeating beliefs, thought patterns and resulting emotional dependencies that drive unhealthy behaviors, replacing them with empowering beliefs, rational emotional responses and healthy behavior patterns.

Courses focus on:
  • Nutrition: Gain power over food and lose weight naturally.
  • Tobacco: Break free from tobacco addiction.
  • Stress: Create a sense of calm and resilience.
  • Fitness: Learn to love exercise one step at a time.
  • Diabetes: Manage diabetes in a new, empowering way.
  • Alcohol: Manage alcohol use and gain control.
  • Sleep: Address destructive sleep patterns or insomnia.
In addition to courses, participants can access:
  • Motivational tips of the day
  • Activity and food trackers
  • Audio files for further inspiration
  • Educational articles and more

increased physical activity with the LivingFit program.

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Unlimited Inbound Coaching

The minute a participant has a question about their health, you want them to have direct access to a reliable resource. Bravo offers the option for any of your employees to speak directly to a health coach by simply picking up the phone. Our best-in-class coaching partners are available to assist your participants with general health and wellness education support throughout the calendar year. No scheduled appointment necessary.


Participants can reach a health coach by phone between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. No scheduled appointment is needed.

Outbound Health Coaching

Some participants prefer working one-on-one with the same trusted health coach in order to break their challenges down into attainable goals. We can make a personal health coach available to anyone in your organization who is ready to proactively take charge of their health. Coaches will work with participants to set goals and improve health and well-being.


A personalized plan will be developed between the participant and their coach. Coaches help participants set goals and focus on improving at-risk lifestyle behaviors.

“I decided to enroll in coaching to meet my incentive even though everybody told me just to get a note from my doctor. Sometimes you need someone from outside your circle to give you that nudge you need.”

Outbound Health Coaching Participant

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High-Risk and Chronic Care Coaching

For employees with the greatest health risks, we’ve developed a coaching program that provides each participant with a dedicated health coach and pharmacist. This team will work directly with an individual’s doctor to develop a 12-month ongoing support plan to focus on improving at-risk lifestyle behaviors.


Participants can complete monthly sessions over the course of 12 months. This includes a personal health coach and pharmacist who work directly with a participant’s doctor.


Over 50% of highest-risk coaching participants move to a lower coaching stratification in the first year.

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Tobacco Cessation Coaching

Telephonic and web-based programs are available to individuals who are ready to give up tobacco products or are just starting to think about it. Our evidence-based approach inspires permanent behavior change and provides personalized tobacco cessation to help motivate individuals.


Participant-centered coaching sessions are interactive, engaging and conveniently scheduled. Assessment tools with personalized feedback enhance motivation levels.


quit with the use of nicotine replacement therapy.

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