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Motivate wellness program participation.

Drive year-round participation and engagement in your program through extrinsic and intrinsic motivators.

Communicate the goals of your program.

Your wellness plan is an extension of your culture. How clear you are about the reasons behind your program directly impacts the participation and engagement you see. Cast the vision for what your team can achieve together and view health as an opportunity—not a problem. Start the dialogue with your people about building a stronger culture.


Empower all participants to get the max value out of the program.

Wellness is a Conversation—Let’s Talk

Our comprehensive communications strategy addresses personal health in an honest, empathetic, empowering and attention-getting way. We include everything from a detailed list of available materials to a calendar to guide your internal wellness team in getting the max ROI of all elements in your communications strategy.

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Create a custom user experience.

Not everyone within your population shares the same work environment. That’s why Bravo offers employers a way to customize and simultaneously launch different plan designs that respond to the needs of subgroups within your population. Whether it's focusing on empowering spouses with slightly different program elements and goals or building a program that supports drivers differently from employees working in a typical office setting, being able to respond to the needs of your people and work within the way they work leads to higher engagement.


Create a unique incentive design for different locations or job classes. Integrate new locations and enroll new employees with ease.

Reward individual improvements and healthy choices.

With Bravo, personal improvement is rewarded and celebrated. Even if a participant is still at an elevated risk level for body mass index (BMI), glucose or blood pressure, they can still earn the full incentive by demonstrating improvement since their measure from the previous year. Best yet, our system automatically tracks their improvement and rewards participants for making progress without requiring them to jump through any hoops. That’s how you inspire people to continue making progress and how you build value back into the employee wellness plan.

Why Incentives Matter


Flexible reimbursement options include, but are not limited to: premium, HRA, HSA, exchange and rewards cards.

“We depend on Bravo’s expertise to assure our outcomes-based wellness program is compliant with ACA/EEOC regulations. They are great about educating their clients through 1:1 meetings and webinars on the ever-changing landscape of wellness regulations.”

Kellie McLaughlin, Human Resources Manager, Graco

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Help participants get the maximum value out of your program.

Our communications focus on defining what wellness means within the context of your specific plan design and providing a clear understanding of how participants can earn the full value of the available incentives. From calls with a trained health coach to review screening results to messaging throughout participants' work environment to educate on activities and appeals, we make sure your population understands how to improve and earn the full incentive.


Provide participants a clear understanding of how to earn the maximum value of available incentives.

Inspire participants to take the next step in their well-being journey.

Bravo’s participant portal includes meaningful and personalized resources to inspire personal improvement and contains program-specific communications, activities and challenges that drive year-round engagement and keeps well-being top of mind in your culture.


Participant Portal Features:
Online Health University
Exercise Plans and Instructions
Device Sync and Tracking
Team & Individual Challenges
Nutritional Recipes and Tips

Resources at Your Fingertips

Whether getting support for a chronic condition or finding new ways to engage in your well-being journey, our portal offers content and resources to energize and empower participants to live healthier lives and build connections within the workplace and their communities.

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