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Motivate wellness program participation.

Drive year-round participation and engagement in your program through meaningful extrinsic and intrinsic motivators.

Wellness incentives that reward improvement.

With a Bravo wellness program, personal improvement is rewarded and celebrated. Even if a participant is at an elevated risk level for body mass index (BMI), glucose or blood pressure, they can still earn the full incentive by demonstrating improvement since their screening from the previous year. Our system automatically tracks improvement and rewards participants for making progress without requiring them to jump through any hoops. That’s how you inspire people to continue making progress and build value back into the employee wellness plan.


Flexible reimbursement options include, but are not limited to premium, deductible HRA, HSA, exchange and rewards cards.

Web portal and mobile app help participants navigate their wellness journey.

Through Bravo’s portal and mobile app, participants gain easy access to the steps and goals of their program, including recommended resources that are relevant to their lifestyle. Participants can track their completion of program steps, amount of incentives earned, and their own personal health progress with screening and health risk assessment data from each year they participate. Program-specific communications, activities and wellness challenges drive year-round engagement and keep well-being top of mind in your culture.


Participant Portal Features:
Online Courses
Coaching Enrollment
Exercise Videos
Device Sync and Activity Tracking
Team & Individual Challenges
Healthy Recipes and Tips

Resources at your fingertips.

Whether getting support for a chronic condition or finding new ways to engage in wellness, our portal offers content and resources to energize and empower participants to live healthier lives and build connections within the workplace and their communities.

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Print and digital communications market your program effectively.

Our communications focus on defining what wellness means within the context of your plan design and providing a clear understanding of how participants can earn the full incentive. Messaging is integrated across the work environment, home mailings, digital communications and in-person interactions.


Communicating through multiple touchpoints is key to reaching your whole population.

Wellness is a conversation—let’s talk.

All of our participant communications address personal health in an honest, direct and empathetic way. To drive high engagement, we remove taboos and provide the tools and support necessary for individuals to feel encouraged to take their first step.

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Custom communications campaigns drive targeted results.

Wellness isn’t one-size-fits-all. Bravo’s in-house communications department can custom-build specific assets or whole campaigns to provide you with targeted support that addresses your unique challenges and goals. Our custom communications campaigns are designed with your budget, wellness plan timeline, work environment limitations and workforce demographics in mind.


Our custom campaigns are built on Bravo's 10+ years of experience helping employers reduce health risks.

Wellness engagement guide empowers employees and wellness champions.

As part of our communications offering, clients receive a wellness engagement guide with resources to help them build a wellness champion network, plus educational content that is ready for print or digital distribution to employees. The educational content is focused on different wellness themes and are continually updated with new information from wellness experts and physicians.

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Keep the wellness conversations going with year-round, participant-ready educational wellness content.

Create a personalized wellness experience for every employee.

Find out how we drive high (and meaningful) employee engagement by creating a unique experience for every employee.

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