Workplace wellness programs are gaining more and more recognition!  People are not only starting to accept them as a permanent fixture in the workplace, but they are also starting to see positive trends emerge.  According to recent industry studies:

  • Wellness programs can decrease the health risks of workers by 25% or more.(1)
  • Targeting and reducing certain health risk factors through workplace wellness programs is likely to save a company money on reduced health care bills, as well as result in increased productivity and fewer workplace injuries.(1)
  • Reducing six modifiable risk factors (tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, salt intake, high blood pressure and blood sugar, and obesity) could prevent over 37 million premature deaths over 15 years.(2)
  • If modifiable risk factors are not controlled, 38.8 million deaths from the four main non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes) will likely occur in 2025.  This is 10.5 million more deaths than the 28.3 who died in 2010.(2)

Gone are the days of asking if incentive programs work.  With statistics like these, the question we should be asking is, “what are we doing to prevent increased health issues and costs?”

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