Welcome to the new clinical standard for employee wellness.

Cleveland Clinic and Bravo have joined forces to offer a personalized and effective solution to the employer healthcare cost crisis.


Key Program Elements


An organization-specific strategy guided by our workplace wellness assessment.


healthy lifestyle

Emphasis on the primary care provider relationship to reduce ER utilization and avoidable claims.



Meaningful incentives tied to healthy measures, evidence-based interventions and achievable improvement.



Evidence-based eCoaching to address the root cause of health issues while also helping the healthy stay healthy.



Targeted efforts, incentives and interventions to reduce tobacco use.



Year-round focus on health and well-being through ongoing education, activities and environmental improvements.


Inspired by Proven Results


Lower Preventable Health Risks

73.5% of employees with multiple health risks have improved over five years and 30% are no longer obese.

– A Bravo manufacturing client with over 2,100 employees.


Stronger Employee Benefits

After 3 years, the wellness program paid for itself and covered additional benefits like weight management and tobacco cessation programs, and free generics for long-term medications.

– A Fortune 100 company and one of the world’s leading producers of protein and prepared food products.


Flat Claims Trend

Prior to starting the wellness program in 2009, the employee health plan PMPM cost trended at an average of 7.5%. Since 2013, it has reduced to an almost flat trend at 0.6%.

–A top-ranked U.S. hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

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