Employee Health Coaching, Powered by Cleveland Clinic

Provide your employees expert guidance and support to reach their physical and mental health goals through Cleveland Clinic’s suite of lifestyle-based coaching programs including: Personal Health Coaching, Self-Guided Wellness Modules, One-Time Consult Calls, Ask-A-Coach, and Wellness Webinars.



Personal Health Coaching Programs

All four 8-week email-based coaching programs are personalized to each participant with ongoing communications. Participants will receive a welcome email 3-5 business days after signing up, followed by an introductory call to go over the chosen program and the participant’s personal health and wellness goals.


Whole Health: Health Promotion and Condition Management

Develop practical and sustainable behaviors that support your whole health. Whether you are focused on wellness, managing a current condition (diabetes, hypertension, etc), or looking to optimize your overall health (sleep, nutrition, movement, stress, pregnancy, menopause, etc), your coach is there to guide and support you.


Clarity: Emotional Well-Being

Enhance your emotional well-being by learning skills and techniques to navigate through life changes and difficult relationships or to find more balance and clarity in your life. Qualifying participants will be paired with a dedicated coach whose work is overseen by a licensed clinician.

*This program is not a counseling program and is not intended to be used in place of counseling.


Weight Management

Manage your weight in a way that feels positive, achievable and sustainable. Throughout this program your coach will guide you in fostering lifestyle behaviors that support a healthy weight and beyond.


Tobacco Free

With the support of your coach, set yourself up for success to quit tobacco for good. Learn and reinforce ways to navigate triggers, manage cravings and create a tobacco-free environment, more comfortably.


Self-Guided Wellness Modules

Each self-guided module includes access to an online program that allows the participant to navigate content and learning materials at their convenience. Each program includes pre- and post-assessments to track the participant’s progress.


Core Four 

Master the abilty to change your habits for good with a focus on four key pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement, mindset and rest. Building on a foundation of behavior change principles, discover how your wellness vision can become the lifestyle you live. This concise and comprehensive course makes changing health behaviors attainable and fun. 


Go! To Sleep

Explore ways to improve sleep by identifying behaviors and thoughts that may be interfering with your ability to sleep deeply and shift them to new ones that allow for more restful Zzzs.


Stress Free Now

Based on principles of mindfulness and meditation, this course explores relaxation techniques to help understand and develop meaningful ways to manage stress. Learn how lifestyle habits including movement, nutrition and sleep can positively impact resiliency to stress.


Immune Strength

Whether seeking general support or managing an autoimmune disease, use this course module to discover ways to optimize your immune system through stress management, food choices, movement, and sleep.

Additional Services


One-Time Health Consult Call

Participants can self-schedule a 30-minute phone call session with a coach to review their Health Risk Assessment (HRA) results, health profile, risk factors, general health and wellness concerns, and goal setting for behavior change.



A dedicated email address will be available to participants to submit general health- and wellness-related questions. This is in addition to or separate from their Coaching- or Module-based experience, a coach will respond with 24-48 business hours through email.


Wellness Webinars

Live and on-demand 30-60 minute webinars will be available via Microsoft Teams (or employer-preferred platform). The 30-60 minute sessions will feature topics realted to health and wellness, with actionable takeaways. 


“After seeing my results from last year, I made the goal to achieve the 10% change. After I did that, I gained momentum. The ownership I took to reach the 10% not only changed my body, it changed my mind, my attitude and my mood.”

— Kris S., Healthcare Participant