Year-round employee engagement.

We help you market your wellness program and provide year-round resources because personal health and well-being is a lifelong journey.

Multichannel Communications

With Bravo, individuals don’t need to log in every day to engage in their health. Instead, we develop and deliver a mix of digital and printed touchpoints to drive engagement day-to-day. They'll receive pragmatic health education, tips and program reminders via SMS, email, mailers and even phone calls to encourage them to use the available resources and keep them on the path to better health.

Bravo Wellness Multi Channel Communications Example Postcard

On-Demand Health Courses, Recipes, Articles and Videos

No matter where your employees are in their health journey, we have content to meet their needs. Our portal is filled with on-demand resources that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Accommodating every type of learner, the portal features videos, courses and articles to explore. Covering various topics, each resource is self-guided, so your employees can set their own pace and find materials that best match their personal health goals.

Wellness Challenges

We offer personal challenges covering all key aspects of health and well-being, including stress management and resiliency. In addition to group challenges that run throughout the year, Snap challenges allow participants to compete in self-run, friendly competitions that can help engage participation between challenges and program events. 


Employee Engagement Resources

Bravo removes the work from your team's shoulders by providing both a mix of designed and undesigned content that you can post on your company intranet, insert into an employee newsletter, or hang up in your break rooms. Our engagement resources cover a wide range of topics, providing year-round wellness content for you to share and your employees to love.