Employee Health Screenings and Health Risk Assessments

Our health measurement and awareness solutions help employees understand their health risks and educate them on risk factors.

Configurable Employee Health Screening Options 

Bravo specializes in custom screening solutions that respond to the particular requirements of your employee population, and we manage the entire process to ensure all screening events, whether on-site or off-site, run smoothly. Our wellness screening options collect important employee health metrics and lab values including body mass index, waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, A1c, triglycerides, cotinine and more.

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On-Site Screening Events

Bravo's nationwide network of pre-qualified screening vendors offers a seamless (and convenient) workplace health screening experience with a XX% satisfaction rating. 

  • Multiple screening location coordination, including makeup events and rescreening
  • Online scheduling​
  • SMS/email reminders
  • Critical values handling
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Physician​ Screening

This option helps employees strengthen their relationship with a primary care physician (or help establish one). We offer a standard physician form or we can create a custom one to meet your specific goals.

  • Verified physician screening​
  • Pre-populated forms​ to reduce errors
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ​intake process
  • Reporting on the number of forms downloaded/submitted
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Walk-in Clinic Health Screening

A walk-in clinic screening option is great for geographically diverse populations, employees who are frequently on the road or work remotely, and even spouses. Employees simply download a voucher from our portal to take with them to their scheduled appointment and forms are submitted directly to Bravo.

  • 900+ locations​ nationwide
  • Online voucher
Bravo Wellness Health Risk Assessment Example

Lifestyle-Based Employee Health Risk Assessments

Having your employees complete a health risk assessment (HRA) is a great first step to improve employee health because it delivers a real-time understanding of which health habits need the most attention. 

Upon completion, participants will receive a personal report detailing their health risk factors and an overall wellness score. This report is organized into seven key areas and shares simple ways to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine. Participants will also have access to a physician summary report that can be taken to a medical appointment. 

Our health engagement email campaign picks up where the HRA leaves off—providing each employee practical tips they can use to reduce their highest risk factor as identified in their HRA results.

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“For both myself and my wife, taking part in the wellness screening has helped the both of us lose weight and feel better each day. It’s brought us together even more.”

— Cesar C., Healthcare Participant 

Why are employee health screenings important?

The majority of costly chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease could be prevented, delayed or better controlled by a healthy lifestyle. 

Including screenings and health risk assessments in your employee wellness program can help initiate a shift towards prevention and even lower health insurance and medical costs as health risks and risk factors are identified before a condition presents itself or becomes serious.

Bravo Wellness Why Employee Health Screenings Are Important
Bravo Wellness Programs Encourage Patient Doctor Relationships

Close gaps in care through workplace wellness.

Research has shown that primary care relationships are directly linked to higher levels of engagement in preventive care and a higher likelihood that individuals who catch issues early will seek treatment. Both help drive down long-term claims and prevent unnecessary short-term claims.​ 

Bravo helps empower the primary care relationship by rewarding the completion of a provider screening, preventive care visit, and even meeting provider-set goals.