Wellness incentives that empower improvement.

We track and administer incentives for workplace wellness programs to increase participation and provide potent motivation for employees to improve their health.

Meaningful Rewards for Meaningful Actions

Our system accommodates many types of wellness incentives, including those earned for:

  • Participating in an activity.
  • Meeting a biometric health goal.
  • Making health improvements.

Our goal is to find the winning formula to increase participation in your wellness program, close gaps in care and improve employee health.

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Incentive Programs That Meet Every
Employee and Employer Where They Are

Bravo Wellness Automatic Progress Based Incentive Alternatives Icon

Automatic, Progress-Based Alternatives

Meeting a significant health goal can be intimidating and may take time to reach. With Bravo, even if a participant falls short of a health goal but shows improvement, they still earn the incentive.

Bravo Wellness Incentive Plan Designs That Evolve Over Time Icon

Plan Designs That Evolve Over Time

We perform an in-depth analysis of the incentive program and population risk prevalence and use that data to enhance the incentive strategy every year. Our plan designs aren't rigid or predetermined. We design them to fit each employer's needs and goals as they evolve.

Bravo Wellness Unique Sub-Population Plan Designs Icon

Unique Sub-Population Plan Designs

We can run two programs simultaneously, which can be helpful in populations with multiple work locations, job classes or union/non-union employees. This capability allows us to respond to the needs of employee subgroups and engage the hard-to-reach members in any population.

Bravo Wellness Integration With Your Existing Benefits Icon

Integration With Your Existing Benefits

Want to drive utilization in a disease management program, point solution, or a health plan resource? We can reward participation in these activities, so the programs never go to waste, and employees have everything they need to manage their health.

Bravo Wellness Testimonial Icon

The initial reason for participating in the wellness program was for the financial incentives, however, both my husband and I have gained other benefits by quitting smoking. Now we're both trying for more better health by exercising.

— Robin O., Food Manufacturing Participant 

Bravo Wellness Multiple Reimbursement Options Icon

Multiple Reimbursement Options

Premium Discount

Annual, monthly, or biweekly incentives empowered by a data-scrubbed payroll file.

Health Savings Account

Incentives paid directly into participants' HSA or HRA.

Reward Card

Reloadable rewards cards sent directly to the participant, with the breakage going back to the employer instead of being lost.


Incentives that increase the total amount employers provide towards purchasing coverage on an exchange.