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Learn more about our approach and how we help employees improve and maintain their health and close gaps in care.

A Comprehensive Employee Wellness Solution

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Appointment-Free, 1:1 Health Coaching

Help participants improve their lifestyle, bolster their mental health or manage a chronic condition with Cleveland Clinic Coaching


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Wellness Incentives

With Bravo, you can reward employees for completing activities, meeting a biometric health goal, making improvements, or even meeting a physician-set goal. You also have a choice of how to fulfill the incentives.

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Health Screenings and Health Risk Assessment

Help bring awareness to your employees’ health and lifestyle through a health risk assessment and a range of biometric screening options, including on-site events, primary care provider forms, and walk-in clinics. 

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Employee Engagement and Communications

With Bravo, participants don't need to log in every day to engage in their health. Instead, they'll receive pragmatic health education, tips and program reminders via email, mailers and phone calls to encourage them to use the available resources and keep them on the path to better health.

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HR & Administrative Support

Our team handles the heavy lifting, so launching your wellness program doesn’t feel like a full-time job. Your dedicated account team and our bilingual call center will handle eligibility and payroll files, provide real-time program updates and reporting, and respond to participant questions and issues.

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Online Portal

Through Bravo’s straightforward and mobile-friendly online portal, participants can register for their program, access their biometric and lifestyle health data, keep track of their incentives, and find courses, recipes, videos and challenges that will help them improve their health.

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Improving Employee Wellness With Behavioral Economics

Our behavior drives 40% of our health status. But simply knowing that doesn't always lead to consistent action to change our behavior. That's because people don't always make decisions about their health based on a calculation of risks and benefits.

Bravo designs and administers wellness incentives, engagement strategies and evidence-based interventions that leverage behavioral economics principles to help remove practical and psychological barriers to healthy behaviors.

See how our participant experience drives results.

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“Every year when I participate in the Bravo wellness program, I am reminded of my health and how important it is for me to be the best I can be in health, spirit and mind. I can achieve more in my life by living well! Being a healthier me makes me a better employee.”

— Julie L., Healthcare Participant 

Integration with your existing health and well-being benefits.

Bravo helps employees get in the habit of managing their health before there's anything to manage. We also integrate with your relevant health benefits to ensure those with a diagnosed chronic condition or additional needs have access to the right support at the right time.

Bravo Wellness Integration With Existing Employee Benefits
Bravo Wellness Business Relationships With Cleveland Clinic and Medical Mutual

A strong network, partnerships and financials to serve clients for years to come.

In 2019, Bravo became the only wellness company to offer evidence-based personal health coaching from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. In 2020, Medical Mutual, Ohio's oldest and largest health insurance company, acquired Bravo as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Our Founder and CEO, Jim Pshock, remains actively involved, and in 2020 completed the acquisition of PUSH Wellness to enhance Bravo's data processing, employee engagement and plan design capabilities.