Redefining your expectations of employee wellness.

Learn more about our approach and how we help employees improve and maintain their health and close gaps in care.

Meet your people where they are.


Unique Sub-Population Plan Designs

Employee wellness isn't one-size-fits-all. For employers with multiple work locations, job classes or union/non-union employees, we can run two programs simultaneously to respond to the needs of employee subgroups and better engage the hard-to-reach members of your population.


Targeted, Multichannel Communications

With Bravo, participants don't need to log in every day to engage in their health. Instead, they'll receive pragmatic health education, tips and program reminders via SMS, email, mailers and phone calls to encourage them to use the available resources and keep them on the path to better health.


Appointment-Free, 1:1 Health Coaching

Help participants improve their lifestyle, bolster their mental health or manage a chronic condition with Cleveland Clinic Coaching. These evidence-based programs enable participants to message their coach anytime, anywhere, leading to more touchpoints, more accountability and better results.


Celebrate the journey as well as the achievements.

Our technology recognizes and rewards health improvements automatically, so your employees don't have to jump through hoops for their incentive.

Meeting a significant health goal can be intimidating and will take time to reach. That's why if a Bravo participant doesn’t meet a health goal but shows improvement, they still earn the incentive. Rewarding progress leads to sustainable health risk reduction and helps make the wellness program more personal and achievable.

See how our participant experience drives results.

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“After seeing my results from last year, I made the goal to achieve the 10% change. After I did that, I gained momentum. The ownership I took to reach the 10% not only changed my body, it changed my mind, my attitude and my mood.”

— Kris S., Healthcare Participant 

Integration with your existing health and well-being benefits.

Bravo deploys a proven approach to help employees get in the habit of managing their health before there's anything to manage. We also integrate with your relevant health benefits to ensure those with a diagnosed chronic condition have the support they need to manage it better.