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eCoaching is an email-based health coaching solution developed by clinicians at Cleveland Clinic, designed to help participants create long-lasting lifestyle and behavior change.

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10+ Health Coaching Options for Employees to Choose From

No matter which program a participant chooses, they'll benefit from the accountability and guidance provided by their coach through frequent and personal email interactions.

Coaches assess the full picture of the participant's health and lifestyle before building a tailored health improvement strategy. Participants enroll in one program at a time, but coaches are trained to help address interrelated health issues or goals simultaneously. 


Healthy Lifestyle

Participants receive tailored strategies to improve overall health by achieving a balance of optimal nutrition, activity, sleep and mindfulness.


Healthy Menopause

Coaches work with participants to help them feel their best during this transition by focusing on nutrition, activity and emotional management.


Healthy Pregnancy

Support and education for soon-to-be and new moms on food choices, exercise and life adjustments to prepare for their new family member.


Healthy Sleep

With guidance from Cleveland Clinic sleep experts, participants learn how to make key lifestyle changes to improve sleep.



Coaches help participants manage food opportunities, activity level and stress to achieve a healthy blood pressure.


Stress Free Now

Online stress management program designed to help participants reduce stress and increase positive emotions and energy.


Stress Free Now for Healers

Online stress management program directly applicable to the specific work environment, interpersonal issues and job characteristics of patient caregivers.


Tobacco Cessation

Coaches are trained to help guide participants each step of the way with some of the highest tobacco cessation success rates.


Weight (Waist) Loss 

Coaches design a strategy for sustainable weight loss through nutrition and exercise that is responsive to participants' lifestyle and responsibilities.


Weight (Waist) Loss for Diabetics 

Helps participants keep blood sugar and overall health in check by focusing on food choices, nutrient balance and physical activity.

Clarity – Coming Soon

A new eCoaching program designed to address and improve participants’ emotional well-being.

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Increase Engagement Through Personalization & Convenience

eCoaching was designed in response to high attrition rates typically found in telephonic or automated health coaching options. 80% of eCoaching participants who engage with a coach more than 3 times per week are still engaged after 140 days.1

The eCoaching experience is designed to be:

checkmark Personal

Coaches become intimately familiar with participants’ work and home life, their health challenges and their goals for improvement. They personalize health improvement strategies to the participant's current health and lifestyle. 

checkmark Convenient

Participants can email their coach any time, anywhere, and typically receive a response from their coach within 24 hours. Participants can also work with their coach via text, phone or video chat as needed.

checkmark Integrated

We provide a comprehensive engagement, communications and reporting package to help your participants (and your organization) get the most out of the program.

checkmark Proven

The eCoaching methodology was developed by Cleveland Clinic doctors over the past 25 years and is clinically proven to create sustainable behavior change. Read the studies on eCoaching and Stress Free Now.

Clinically Proven & Sustainable Outcomes

~4.7 lbs lost

Weight (Waist) Loss

0.6% reduction in A1C

Weight (Waist) Loss for Diabetics

54% tobacco quit rate

Tobacco Cessation

30% decrease in perceived stress

Stress Free Now

Thousands of satisfied participants.

Artboard 4stats

90% of participants would complete the program again and would refer to a friend.

87% of participants confirmed that eCoaching met their needs.

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93% of participants confirmed that their coach was responsive to their questions and concerns.

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