Personal Health Coaching


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One-on-one support for every health and well-being goal.

Provide your employees expert guidance and accountability to reach their goals through Cleveland Clinic's suite of lifestyle-based coaching programs.

Participants find it easy to connect with their dedicated Cleveland Clinic health coach over email, which leads to more frequent touchpoints, greater transparency between the participant and coach, and better results than telephonic or in-person modalities.

Available Coaching Programs

Lifestyle Improvement Coaching

Personal health coaching focused on lifestyle improvements including diet, exercise, sleep and stress management to help participants prevent and reduce chronic disease risk.

Mental Health Coaching

Personal health coaching focused on stress management, resilience and behavioral health to help participants work through life's ups and downs.

Chronic Condition Coaching

Personal health coaching focused on lifestyle improvements to help participants quit tobacco or manage and improve chronic conditions like hypertension, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Additional Cleveland Clinic Coaching Services


One-Time Consult

Participants can schedule a phone call to review biometric screening or health assessment results with a qualified Cleveland Clinic health coach.


Unlimited Ask A Coach

Participants can submit health or wellness-related questions for a response in one business day from a Cleveland Clinic health coach.

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