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Bravo helps people get healthy and stay healthy in ways that work best for them—because the path to better health looks different for everyone.

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Engage people that are typically hard to reach.

Our wellness programs meet your people where they are, no matter when their day starts, their current health status, or whether they’re behind a desk, on a factory floor, caring for patients, or on the go.

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Measurably improve participant health.

We provide the coaching, resources and motivation employees need to improve their health—because healthier team members mean better productivity, increased employee engagement, and lower healthcare costs.

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Close gaps in care and increase health benefits utilization.

We connect people to programs and resources that help them prevent and reduce health risks, including coaching, disease management, their primary care physician, and other program resources.

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Bravo Wellness Program Capabilities

Wellness Incentive Design and Administration

We make it easy to reward participation in your employee wellness program. As people complete activities, meet new health goals or make improvements, our system tracks their progress automatically. We offer various wellness incentive designs and reward options, and we can run two incentive designs simultaneously to motivate hard-to-reach subpopulations to engage in the program. 

Targeted, Multichannel Communications

Maximize program participation with targeted emails, phone calls, direct mail and more. Our comprehensive communications campaigns are responsive to the individual’s participation status and health data and leverage behavioral economics to keep them motivated and engaged all year long.

Cleveland Clinic Personal Health Coaching

Provide employees the support they need to improve their health with appointment-free, 1-on-1 health coaching from Cleveland Clinic. Programs are available for every health and well-being goal, including lifestyle improvements, mental health, managing chronic conditions, smoking cessation and more.

Biometric Screenings

Help bring awareness to your employees’ health risks with a range of biometric screening options, including on-site events, primary care physician forms, and walk-in clinics. A certified health professional will contact employees with critical risks to connect them to appropriate care. Participants can easily access their historical health data online and find information about any out-of-range results.

Health Assessment

Help participants learn about their lifestyle, physical and mental health, and potential health risks with our NCQA-certified online health assessment. Upon completion, each participant is enrolled in an educational email program based on their highest-risk area, including chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or obesity, to help them understand their risk and how to reduce it.

Integrated Bilingual Call Center

Whether someone has a question about your program or you’re looking to boost participation with proactive phone calls to participants, our in-house call center has you covered. Our team fields every request so you don’t have to and ensures every employee gets the maximum value from your wellness program.

Wellness Portal

Through Bravo’s straightforward online portal and mobile app, participants can register for their program, access their biometric and lifestyle health data, keep track of their incentives, and find courses, recipes, videos and challenges that will help them improve their health. 

Device Sync and Activity Tracking

Participants can sync step-counters, activity trackers, and other wearable fitness devices within the Bravo portal to earn incentives, compete with coworkers, and track their progress all in one place.

Wellness Challenges

Encourage personal growth and employee camaraderie with Bravo's personal and group challenges. Challenges focus on holistic well-being and help participants increase physical activity, improve nutrition, manage stress and improve financial wellness.

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“The wellness program has supported me in achieving my goals by holding me accountable. Receiving yearly physicals helps me to better understand my numbers and show me what I need to work on for the future. Programs offered through Bravo  keep me on track to eat better, exercise more and make better decisions regarding my health.”

— Lindsey D. | Manufacturing Participant

Unparalleled Guidance and Support Since 2008

Dedicated Account Manager

Our account management team has an average of 5-7 years in large account management and proven industry experience in corporate wellness. Your account executive serves as a primary point of contact and as the subject matter expert for developing a unique wellness, incentive and engagement strategy that fits your culture, internal resources and budget.

Streamlined Implementation Process

Our goal is to remove the work from your team’s shoulders. That’s why we have a team dedicated to keeping your program on track. We provide a clear timeline with milestones and regular calls for status updates, proactive escalation of issues with solutions, and insights to help you make better-informed decisions.

Real-Time, Mid-Year and Annual Reporting

We don't take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the performance of your wellness program. Regular reporting and insights help us pivot the engagement strategy in real-time. Our in-depth annual analysis of population health trends provides you with actionable recommendations on how to improve the performance of your program and the health of your employees.

Integration With Existing Health and Well-Being Benefits

Healthcare isn’t just about treating chronic conditions, illnesses and injuries—it’s also about prevention and health maintenance. Our programs help motivate and sustain lifestyle changes before there’s a claim or diagnosis. For those with existing health conditions, we can help increase utilization in the health benefits and point solutions you already have to improve their health outcomes.

Wellness Regulations Compliance

We’re known in the industry for our expertise in compliance. We’ll make sure your program meets the EEOC, HIPAA, ADA, GINA and other legal guidelines while also managing reasonable alternative requests and appeals fairly and securely.

Wellness Committee Support and Ongoing Consulting

Wellness programs are the most successful when they’re embedded in the fabric of your culture. We provide HR teams with ideas and content to create, grow and engage a wellness champion network, including recruitment materials, live and pre-recorded lunch-n-learns, downloadable health-focused newsletter or intranet content and more.

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“We depend on the accurate records they keep on client interactions. Their diligent work has really helped us with any employee inquiries. They are a well-oiled machine when it comes to quickly implementing any changes we request.”

— Kellie McLaughlin, Human Resources Manager, Graco Inc.

Strength and Dependability: A Bravo Promise

Founded in 2008, Bravo is one of the largest employee wellness program administrators in the nation, serving nearly 2 million active participants annually.

In 2019, Bravo became the only wellness company to offer evidence-based personal health coaching from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. In 2020, Medical Mutual, Ohio's oldest and largest health insurance company, acquired Bravo as a wholly-owned subsidiary, and completed the acquisition of PUSH Wellness to enhance Bravo's data processing, employee engagement and plan design capabilities.

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