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Tangible Ways Employers Are Supporting Employees During COVID-19

While the U.S. may not currently be at war with a visible enemy, the physical dangers and economic ramifications of the current pandemic are forcing every organization to reconsider how they conduct business. Navigating this new landscape is rife with unforeseen and entirely novel challenges.

Supporting your employees through various means—like making changes to your benefit plan, offering mental and emotional health resources and support, issuing more paid time off, and so much more—helps ensure that your workforce remains healthy and productive and your organization continues to function at a prosperous pace.

Since social distancing and stay-at-home orders were issued, how has your business changed and how has the support you give your workforce transformed?

Read how organizations are going the extra mile to make sure their people are supported and their communities receive essential needs, and discover why organizational wellness initiatives are more beneficial than ever.

How Companies in America are Stepping Up to Care for Their Employees

From Google to Starbucks to Amazon and beyond, some of the biggest corporations and organizations in the U.S. are stepping up and setting the tone to ensure their employees’ well-being remains the top priority.

They are teaming with their local communities and focusing on the needs of their staff to provide additional resources and benefits that exceed ordinary workplace incentives in this extraordinary time.

Some of the more innovative employee support concepts include:

  • Reimbursing employees for any lunch and coffee purchases made from local and independent small businesses to encourage community support throughout the pandemic.
  • Hosting free digital trainings and seminars aimed at increasing employee expertise and knowledge in areas such as staying productive while working remotely and building relationships when you’re not working face-to-face.
  • Offering increased access to confidential mental healthcare through virtual resources that encourage online scheduling and videoconferencing options to both employees and their eligible family members.
  • Ensuring paid sick leave for all employees dealing with physical health issues during the pandemic to ensure they maintain their personal well-being and avoid placing others at risk if they develop symptoms related to COVID-19.1

How Bravo Clients are Boosting Morale and Supporting Their Employees & Communities

Supporting Your Employees: Make Health & Well-Being the Focal Point

Delivering support to your employees doesn’t have to be an extravagant to-do. In fact, it simply starts and ends by making their well-being the top priority.

Well-being, of course, is a very all-encompassing term. From mental and physical health to financial and social health, the well-being of your workforce is extremely multifaceted. Over the past few weeks and months, our well-being has been stretched thin and tested daily.

When an employer creates situations and opportunities that make the entire workforce feel valued and supported, unnecessary stress and anxiety decreases and they can become more resilient to the changes and uncertainty each day can bring.

What Do Your Employees Specifically Need During this Time?

Effective and personalized support starts with communication.

It is vital to communicate with your employee base to see what needs they have during this increasingly stressful time so you can best provide services that address needs on a more focused, individualized basis.

Keep in mind: When employees feel supported and like an integral part of the organization, they are more likely to continue delivering their best work to the company.

Do Your Employees Need Mental Health and Well-being Support Right Now?

Just like you, your employees are wading in a continuous ebb and flow of emotions and challenges - all of which can put a significant amount of strain on their mental state, healthy habits and overall health and well-being.

Even as we’re months into this pandemic, you understand the importance of still finding innovative and creative ways of supporting your employees so organizational cohesion and productive functionality is maintained via a sound, healthy workforce.

Here’s how we’re supporting organizations of all shapes and sizes, whether we’ve partnered together or not:

Open Access to Self-Help Content Aimed at Helping Your Workforce Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Self-help resources for recreating a health-conscious routine
  • Tips on managing what’s next and preparing to return to work
  • A 30-minute yoga and mindfulness video series
  • Nutrition video series

“Ask a Coach”: Free Q+A Access to Cleveland Clinic Health Coaches

Managing the daily challenges and stress related to COVID-19 is often overwhelming. With countless questions from medical to mental health issues, this online service is a tremendous resource that is available to all. Simply fill out the form on our site with any health or well-being questions for a personal response from a coach in one business day.

NEW Navigating Change Personal Health Coaching

A new coaching program from Cleveland Clinic offers employers a way to provide relevant physical and emotional well-being support for employees in the midst of challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Navigating Change is an 8-week coaching program with a Cleveland Clinic health coach that provides participants with personalized coaching via email, text, phone or video chat and clinically-backed information, tools and resources to help them stay healthy during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

To learn more about Navigating Change, reach out to your Bravo account or sales executive, or submit a request through our website.

Back to Work With COVID-19 Webinar Series

As we face new and changing circumstances and challenges every day, it's important to rely on credible and timely information to move forward.

Our current webinar lineup includes four power-packed discussions about:

  • Defining "at risk" for severe illness from COVID-19 based on national data and how to reduce both chronic disease and COVID-19 risk.
  • The importance of stress management and emotional well-being in the workplace, and how employers can support employees during times of crisis.
  • Clinical insights and tools for boosting your immune strength.
  • How to create a safe and healthy working environment and culture during the pandemic and beyond.

This webinar series will continue to grow and shift as we learn more about this virus and what it means for employers, that way you have the most relevant and up-to-date information on each topic. 

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Your Workforce Deserves All-Encompassing Well-Being Support

Wellness programs are - more than ever - an essential tool for sustaining a positive and thriving culture, encouraging emotional and intellectual engagement, and creating a more resilient, productive workforce.

As an employer, it’s important to always remember: Your organization can make a significant impact on your employees’ quality of life.

When we identify what your organization needs at this time - whether that be nutrition and diet support, lowering chronic disease risk, or improved emotional health - we can deliver a program to your company’s and employees’ exact needs.

Without question, it will prove to be one of your organization’s healthiest and most valuable assets – driving everyone and everything forward, even during a pandemic.

With your support, your employees can achieve a healthier wellbeing and, collectively, your workforce can build a stronger, healthier culture. We’re here to help you succeed with expert wellness guidance.

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